06 peacemaker honored

Peacemaker Honored by World
Once the troublemakers are gone, and the peace covenant has been defended, the Jews will find themselves at peace with all their Arab neighbors who have upheld their guarantee of Israel's security.

The Jewish sacrificial temple on Temple Mount is restored, sacrifice and offerings resume.

Jubilant and prosperous times will flourish in Israel and in the entire region as the Jews reenergize their faltering economy, integrating it into the Arab Economic Community. Commerce for all nations will flourish again.

All of the credit and all of the applause for this historical accomplishment will have to be directed to his Royal Highness, King Abdullah, the Hashemite king of Jordan, the 43rd descendent of the prophet Muhammad.

King Abdullah will be placed on a regal pedestal along with his beautiful wife, Queen Rania, and they will be hosted and toasted around the world in admiration and appreciation for what he has accomplished.

Peacemaker Hailed as Messiah
He will be hailed by the Jewish and Islamic clerics alike as the prophetic fulfillment of each of their respective Messiah's. And they will all go hand in hand into the final seven years of this age with the Jews having accepted King Abdullah as their Savior and Messiah. [#27] A choice that they will soon regret.

Footnote 27 [back to top]
John 5:43
I have come in My Father's name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, him you will receive.

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