The current events in the Middle East are leading many informed people to believe that the end of the age prophesized in the Bible is unfolding. For this to be true, a series of significant final events must occur.

Here you will find a summary of each significant event with links to news articles, biblical references, and more detailed explanations.

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01 the peacemaker
The series of events begins with the peacemaker revealing his 'two basket' peace plan to end conflict between the Jews and the Arabs. This event reveals the identity of the peacemaker (believed to be King Abdullah of Jordan) and sets the following prophesized events into motion.
02 dead in christ
According to prophecy, the presence of the Christian Church on earth hinders the peacemaker from finishing the peace plan between the Jews and the Arabs. Upon the Jewish Feast of First Fruits (a springtime event) a supernatural warning sign, called the Dead in Christ Rising, will occur. We are told that we will see many of those who have died believing in Jesus as Messiah, come back to warn us of the immediate future.
03 rapture
Forty days after the 'Dead in Christ' raise the Rapture of the Christian Church occurs. The Rapture is part of God's reward to Christians, in which they ascend to heaven in order to avoid the coming seven years of wrath. This removes the hindering force (the Christian Church), allowing the peacemakers' seven-year peace plan to be accepted and bring peace and security to Israel.

Caution: Watch for the 40 Day Warning sign of the Rapture.
04 peace in israel
Peace in Israel is highly facilitated by the Peacemaker. King Abdullah has the Muslim authority over Temple Mount in Jerusalem and has the power to authorize the Israeli construction of a sacrificial altar for the Jews. This event, coupled with the guarantee of Israel's security, is the sign that the Jewish clerics are vigilantly awaiting to determine that Abdullah is the prophesized Messiah of the Jews. As of Nov 2001, the major nations of the world back Abdullah's peace plan.
05 uproot troublemakers
Ten Arab Nations influence the decision to enforce Israel's security. Abdullah has secured seven signatures but three leaders are prophesized to abstain and they have. The Peacemaker will 'uproot' these troublemakers with the help of the USA, UN, EU, et. al. in order to guarantee peace in Israel.
06 peacemaker honored
The Peacemaker will be honored by the world and hailed as Messiah by Jewish and Islamic clerics for: the prophetic fulfillments to each of their respective religions once the troublemakers have been uprooted; the Jews' new found peace and security with their Arab neighbors; and for the integration of the Jews into the Arab Economic Community. The Peacemaker will be honored by the world because of these historical accomplishments.
07 antichrist
The Peacemaker Turns Antichrist as he is overtaken by demonic power, an event marking the midpoint of the seven years. The Peacemaker—turned Antichrist—turns on the Jews, pursuing them and all others that will not bow to him as God. This event is God's punishment to the Jews for accepting a human as their savior.
08 armageddon
The Battle of Armageddon at Megiddo, Israel, comes at the end of the seven years. The nations of the earth will gather in battle in which the armies believe will determine the true 'king of the earth.'
09 second coming
The battle of Armageddon ends with The Second Coming of Christ and His saints. Upon victory, Christ begins his millennial reign on earth. Satan is cast into a bottomless pit. The remnant survivors bury the dead and burn the weapons of war.
10 final cleansing
The Battle of Final Cleansing will occur at the end of the 1000-year reign of Christ. Satan will be let loose to draw out the inhabitants of the earth still harboring evil ways. He will succeed in persuading them to attempt a coup on Jerusalem but God will halt their efforts, burning them all and casting Satan into an eternal lake of fire.
11 tabernacle of God
When He has concluded His final judgment, The Tabernacle of God will be with Men. God will descend to live among the people bringing with him a New Jerusalem, a new earth, and a new heaven. Here begins eternity according to the prophecy.
The need for peace in the Middle East has never been greater. King Abdullah of Jordan is working determinedly behind the scenes and in the public eye in conjunction with the Israelis, Palestinians, USA, UN, EU, et. al. to bring it about.

With the removal of Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq and Libya's Muammar Gaddafi having folded his 'tent of terrorism', two of the three Arab enemies of Israel that were prophesied to be 'uprooted' from the region in order to give the coming peace a chance have now been 'uprooted'.

Syria's Bashar Assad is now the lone remaining 'horn of opposition' to the coming peace with Israel and he is in his deciding stages of how he will be brought into line.

So now, with spring approaching, and all of the elements of the prophecy in place to fulfill the peace prophesied by the Jewish Prophet, Daniel (Daniel 9:27), I remind you of the warning sign that will confirm this to be the time:


And remember, God always WARNS His people!

For an in depth study of the Biblical account of the end of the age prophecies go to:

Ezekiel 33:6
But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman's hand.